The Proposed CC&Rs

Posted By: Your Friendly Neighbor

I first off want to thank the Board for their service. Whatever differences we may have as members of the community, my feeling is that – whether misplaced or not – the Board’s intentions are sincere. So, thank you for your service.

Where is Article I of the proposed CC&Rs? The PDF copy posted on this site jumps right to Article II.

If fire prevention is the problem trying to be addressed by the proposed CC&Rs, why a special assessment provision in section 2.05? If this language really is necessary, why not limit it to a certain annual amount? The annual amount could even be tied to an inflation index. It seems to me that given the subject of fire prevention $50 may not be unreasonable, but why should we give the Board a blank check?

Also, if fire prevention is the problem trying to be addressed by the proposed CC&Rs, why such a long proposal? Do we REALLY need to specify garage sizes (3.06) or whether our kids can camp out in our backyards (3.21)? Has there been a plague of greenhouses, pools, or basketball courts that have infected our neighborhood (3.06)?

My feeling is that while there are both strong opponents and advocates for the proposed CC&Rs, there is a large majority of homeowners in our neighborhood that understand that there is a need for some limited rules. However, I would venture to say that the majority understands that while some rules are necessary, most issues in our neighborhood are bested solved through neighborly communication rather than by the hammer of legal system. To me, the proposed document falls short in this respect. The document seems to have a slew of solutions to non-existent problems.