Handout found in my mailbox on Sunday, the 8th of December

Posted By: Dave Serena

This post is to the individual or individuals who placed the anonymous handout in my mailbox that conveyed some of the most ill-informed, uneducated – and most importantly – prevaricate – nonsense on the intent of the HOA dues and CC&R changes. My unassailable opinion (and rest assured, Ms. or Mr. Anonymous, those of many others) is that you are in need of some definite help. It’s unfortunate (and even perhaps deplorable) that as the surrounding communities and Summit Park grow, you are unwilling to bend with the times and realize that this is no longer the wild west where anything goes. The times we live in dictate that some changes must be made – yes – to help protect our community from the dangers of wildfire and, to some degree, how our community is developed in the future. Perhaps you should consider moving to a remote cabin in the middle of nowhere where you can converse with the wildlife and run naked through the aspens. If then, you are so ignorant that you care not to build a fire break to help keep your cabin out of harms way when a wildfire roars through, than it is nobody’s fault but your own when you are standing among the ashes of a place you once called home. Let me also remind you that the HOA is not run by a bunch of dictators that can impose anything, on anybody, at any time. The HOA is run in a democratic fashion by a group of volunteers that care deeply about where they live. These same individuals take their own time and efforts to represent our community as a whole, they are placed in positions for set term limits, and the beauty of it all is that you, as a voting and community member, have the ability to voice your opinon by attending and speaking out at meetings. Hiding behind your anonymously written, error prone, and delusional prose is not the way to go. Next time, why don’t you try actually attending an HOA meeting, voicing your opinions among other attendees, and see how the democratic process actually works – where it be in your favor or not? And if not, the majority prevails, which is the way it is designed and structured. Oh, and one final note, your disturbed view that the HOA is out to perhaps keep people from installing solar panels on their home which is somewhat clever of you to reference something as trendy and green as solar panels, than, it’s not hard to take another example and express that the HOA may also raise an eyebrow. What if someone decides to build a toxic laden, odoriferous, visually offensive, mosquito and fly infested dump in our neighborhood? Works both ways, doesn’t it? The good news is that the dump will be destroyed, along with your house, when the wildfire roars through our neighborhood because nobody was willing to be proactive in helping to reduce the danger.