We Need Your Help

Posted By: Chris Quinones, SPHA President

I volunteered my husband, Mike, to be the Summit Park Fire Coordinator about 10 years ago.  Mike has a degree in forestry, 13 years with the Forest Service as a smokejumper, was a Summit County Fire Warden and has 20 years in as a Municipal Firefighter.  I felt he had too much to offer this community, not to offer it.  So I signed him up.

I watched him struggle with the HOA for years.  His main complaint,  “Why do I keep doing this?  I’m working my rear off and no one cares.”  I kept telling him he was wrong.  Keep going, there are people in this neighborhood that care.  The HOA is just not reaching them.

Well I think we’ve reached quite a few of you.  I see people that care and I think its great..

The  Parkview Super Highway was my trigger to get active in the HOA.  I was so excited to see the County putting some money into Summit Park and then SO disappointed when the first part of the road was finished.  It was worse than ever!   Didn’t anyone tell them that we like to walk and ride our bikes?   Who are they talking to when they are making these decisions…?

I guess no one…   There was no input from this community and that is why we have the Park View Super Highway.

The County helps those who help themselves.  They don’t know what to do for us if we don’t tell them.  And they won’t listen unless it comes from a unified, cohesive organization like an HOA.

None of us on the board want liens or wants to be the neighborhood police.  We are all doing what we do, because we care and we love where we live.  We don’t want to see Summit Park burn up.  We don’t want developers to build inappropriate homes for our mountain community.  We don’t want abandoned foundations polluting our beautiful landscape.  We don’t want developers clear cutting lots to put in houses that belong in Sandy.

This is what the CC&Rs are about.  Maybe we don’t have all the wording right. Help us.

We used the existing CC&Rs from Plat’s A &B (which went into effect in 2002) to draft the new version, with a few minor changes (the no chicken clause was removed).  We had no issues with anyone in Plat’s A&B, so we thought this was a good and easy way to go.  Obviously we need to go back to the drawing board.  But we need your help.


We are going to schedule a meeting in January at the Richins Center for us all to meet. I hope you can attend and bring constructive, positive ideas.


We need to remember.. We are all on the same side… Let’s work together.

We will let you all know the date for the meeting as soon as we get it scheduled.



Chris Quinones

SPHA President

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