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The Summit Park Homeowners Association is pleased to announce that it will be holding the community’s Dumpster Days on Saturday and Sunday, July 8th and 9th, between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM.  Twenty large dumpsters will be provided to current members of the Summit Park HOA for all types of trash, refuse, and other solid wastes (including green waste, scrap metal and cardboard).  Dumpster Days is free to all those that are an active member of the SPHOA, and for those that have not yet joined, the membership fee of $50.00 may be paid when you arrive at the entry gate near the corner of Maple and Crestview Drives (cash, check or Venmo payments accepted at sign-in).  No liquid wastes, hazardous materials, old tires, appliances, batteries and old electronics (including televisions) may be disposed.  Items in good condition that may be useful to others, such as used tools, toys, ski equipment and various furniture and household items, can be placed in the “repurpose” area for others to look over and take for free.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:  We count on volunteers to help check people in and assist others in trash removal and pointing them in the right direction on where best to offload.  If you can give up a couple of hours on either of these days and give a little bit back to your local community – not to mention attracting really, really good karma –  please click on the following link to sign up in available two-hour slots.  The volunteers that run the SPHOA very much appreciate all those that can assist with this event, and thank you so much if you can!  Link to Volunteer Sign-Up:


The Summit Park Homeowners Association is pleased to provide its members with the 2023 edition of the Association’s newsletter, the Park Lark. It may be viewed or downloaded here. Beginning this year, and in an effort to reduce our environmental footprint and save on reproduction and delivery costs, the Park Lark is accessible solely by electronic means and will no longer be provided to property owners through traditional post office mailing.



The Summit Park Homeowners Association, through its legal counsel, officially released the Association’s 2019 version of the Constitution and the Association’s By-Laws for ALL lots located within the Summit Park subdivision.  The release was officially recorded at the Summit County Recorder’s Office on August 8, 2022.  This action addresses in full the concerns made by certain individuals against the Association regarding alleged “wrongful lien” placed on some properties located within Summit Park. Recorded Release Letter can be found below.

Recorded Release of Bylaws


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