April 2018 HOA Meeting Agenda

The April 2018 HOA meeting will be taking place Tuesday, April 3 at Moose Cafe. Our agenda is listed below. The public is welcome to sit in during the board meeting, which starts at 7pm. We will open the floor for community comment starting at 7:45pm. Hope to see you there!

Agenda for April 3, 2018, SPHOA Meeting

Board meeting 7:00 –7:45

  • Treasurer’s report and vote on adjusted budget
  • Glen Wright – Project for a Deeper Understanding
  • Architectural committee report
  • Discuss letter to Summit County re noise on eastbound I-80 from the summit
  • Results from survey
  • New website
  • Report on storage unit cost
  • Report on cost of legal advice
  • Discuss monthly Board Meeting timing
  • Discussion of nomination/election schedule plans
  • Planning for Dumpster Days

Open to community input 7:45—8:30

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