Winter Safety Tips and Resources

Safety Tips

  • In order to not obstruct access for our snowplow drivers and emergency responders, there is a parking restriction between November and May. On street parking during this period is not allowed and the Summit County Sheriff has notified us the ordinance will be strictly enforced.
  • Our neighborhood fire hydrants usually require a little attention from time to time. Although the water company owns the hydrants and they do their best to help out, we are ultimately the end users. Please keep in mind where the closest hydrant is to your home and help keep it clear of snow and Ice.
  • If there is ever a need to shut off your residential natural gas supply, chances are it needs to be done in a hurry. Snow can accumulate around the meter’s location, preventing the ability to access the valve. In addition, ice falling from above can easily damage the meter and cause a leak. The gas company offers sturdy covers and installation is provided.

Other Resources