Traffic Update – October 2016

Knowing that traffic and speeding cars is a big concern in the neighborhood, the Traffic Calming Committee has been working with the county to get a number of traffic calming efforts implemented.

After a traffic survey was performed early in 2016, it was determined that our neighborhood qualified for calming efforts. That said, Summit Park did not qualify to physically change the road surfaces (e.g., speed bumps, curbs, etc.); instead, we were only allowed to use visual changes (e.g., paint and signs).

Our final proposal was submitted in late March and the county presented their plans to give us sharrows (paint that indicates that drivers should expect to share the street with bicycles and where the bikes should ride) as well as one pedestrian warning sign. Paint and signs were installed in September.

If you have any questions or want to get involved with the Traffic Calming Committee, please email