Speeding and massive traffic increase on Crestview Drive

Forget beetle kill, defensible space and weed control, in my 24 years of living in Summit Park, the speeding and massive increase in traffic on Crestview Drive are the most overwhelming and unaddressed issue in the neighborhood right now. When they (Summit County/Basin Rec) put in the trailhead a few years ago there was overwhelming support, including mine, from the community, but the powers that be have done nothing about the huge increase in speeding traffic along this tight, narrow street which has a growing number of children and dogs on it. Among Crestview Drive residents, this is the A-#1 topic of discussion and concern as it has easily doubled/tripled the amount of traffic on this residential street.

Some options:

A-#1 Best Option Ever…
Make the trailhead down by the fire station, which would require creating a bike trail from there to the existing trail head. There is tons of parking space down there and very few homes/kids/dogs.

Other options:
1) Post a huge “SLOW DOWN” sign at the existing trailhead.
2) Post multiple signs along Crestview Drive telling people to slow down
3) Insert an electronic blinking sign which tells people they are speeding
4) Install summer only speed bumps on Crestview Drive
5) Call in the cops