Garlic Mustard, Noxious Weed, in Summit Park

Summit County Weed Control Association is trying to control Garlic Mustard, a noxious weed that threatens our natural land and wildlife, and needs our help identifying and mitigating the plant.

If you see the weed in your yard and are interested in FREE Garlic Mustard Control, please contact Mindy Wheeler at: or 801.699.5459. 

June 4

About Garlic Mustard

Distinguishing Features: 

  • Flowers: small, four petaled white flowers clustered at the top of a single stem
  • Stems and Roots: prolific seed producer. The root has a distinctive “L” or “S” shape just below the stem
  • Leaves: rosette leaves are kidney shaped with scalloped edges. Mature stem leaves are triangular and become increasingly smaller towards the top
  • Flowering time: May-June
  • Life Cycle: low lying rosettes are produced from seed the first year and stay green throughout the winter. The second year, the rosettes grow to erect 4 ft. stalks, flowers and produce seed


  • Produces chemicals that inhibit the growth of other plants, fungi and butterfly larvae
  • Displaces native plants due to its aggressive mat-like growth habit
  • On Summit County’s “A” list (highest priority) for control