Free Wood Chipping for Residents | Sept. 2018

This goes out to all Summit Park residents and lot owners.

In late July, a decision was made by the Park City Fire District to discontinue taking chipping requests and essentially ending the program for the year. This was unexpected and disapointing because historically this essential fuel reduction program has traditionally run through September.  As a result, there are many of us which still have piles of brush and tree branches in need of chipping.  As a result, the Summit Park HOA board has contracted and is offering to all residents and lot owners the opportunity to have any remaining piles chipped at no cost. The chipping contractor will be driving through or neighborhood during the last week of September to chip and haul away all material unless otherwise advised not to. If you want to keep chips left  on the road, please leave a note on the pile indicating that.

There is a great community appreciation for the proactive approach to our fire risk. Having so many residents understand their role and assume their personal responsibility in protecting our neighborhood defines a community.

The Summit Park Home Owners Association’s Board members would like to thank everyone who participated in the various fire fuel mitigation programs for their hard work.

Mike Quinones