Emergency Preparedness

Now that we have had a little reminder that it does snow here in Summit Park, I wanted to give homeowners a few tips on how to save time when time is critical.

House Numbers – Make sure they are always visible, both at the mail box and on your home or garage. If there is an emergency that requires a 911 response, having the house number prominently displayed, especially during periods of low visibility and difficult road conditions, will certainly help both law enforcement and Fire/medical personal.

Gas Meters – Some home gas meters are located in areas where ice and snow, if allowed to accumulate, will inhibit the ability to access the valve which needs to be turned off in case of a gas leak. Leaks can originate from the interior and from ice sliding off the roof and damaging the meter resulting in gas leaking into the home. QuestStare Gas company has recognized this hazard and will provide and instal covers at no cost to the home owner. In case there is a gas leak, having a small wrench tied to the meter to turn the valve off and knowing how to use it is also a good idea.

Fire Hydrants – The Fire Department does not own the hydrants, the water company does. ultimately we are the end users and the main stakeholders for keeping them accessible. As we progress through the winter, some hydrants will certainly get buried. Please, if you have a hydrant near your home, take time to keep cleared it of snow.

Mike Quinones
Fire & Safety Information Coordinator
Summit Park HOA