Greeting folks,

It seems Developer Lent has been busy reworking his plans. Now there is a new County Council Public Hearing scheduled. Please attend Wednesday, May 21 at 6 pm at the Sheldon Richins Building (next to the library at Kimball Junction).

Mr. Lent is again asking for exceptions to the development code even though the Council asked him to redesign and come back without any exception requests. I have not been able to find out what these requests are and was told they would be in the staff report which will be available the Friday night before the meeting. Sometimes they have not even made that deadline. The public notice sent to my house says that the developer “is requesting exceptions for building setbacks and road standards.”

I have enclosed a draft concept plan of the new subdivision layout. Notice that many more units were moved from the north side of the freeway to bigger lots on the south side of the freeway. This plan moves the housing outside of the “bubbles” that were the old building zones. I received this draft plan a couple of weeks ago and it may have been modified since then.
Hope to see you all there. If I get some additional intel before the Friday staff report release I will surely let you know.

Please spread the word so we can get plenty of public input.

Craig Eroh & Sancy Leachman
Citizens for the Alignment of Growth and the Environment
435-729-9096 (Craig’s cell)
801-301-1423 (Sancy’s cell)

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