Bear Sighting

A small bear was sighted behind 690 Aspen Dr. on Saturday and moved toward Aspen and Parkview.
Reminder to all Summit Park Residents:
The best way to minimize encounters with black bears is to remove any possible attractants, especially during the spring and early summer months.  This time of year, bears are drawn to areas that offer easily accessible food resources, including garbage, bird feed, and barbeque grills.  Bears that learn through positive reinforcement where these easy food resources consistently are located can easily become habituated to humans and can become dangerous.
In an effort to eliminate a potential problem, Summit Park residents are strongly urged to remove or secure the attractants mentioned above.  This includes keeping garbage cans in garages or otherwise secured until the morning of garbage pick-up, not the night before.  Other relevant information related to staying safe in bear country can be located at the Division of Wildlife’s website: