Agenda for August 2018 HOA Meeting

The August HOA meeting will take place on Tuesday, August 7 at Moose Cafe at 7pm. Community Q&A will begin around 7:45pm after our usual HOA business meeting. Feel free to join and bring any questions you may have.

Agenda: August 2018 Summit Park HOA Meeting | August 7
7-7:45pm – Board Meeting
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Update from Architecture Committee
  • Bylaws and board nominations
  • Debrief from Dumpster Days and Firewise events
    • What worked, what did not work?
    • How can we improve in future years?
  • Update on the FireWise grants
  • Lessons from Tollgate Fire
    • What can Summit Park learn from the events of the Tollgate Fire?
    • Crash gates – where are they located and who has access to open?
    • Working on a comprehensive plan with other agencies in the area
    • What can homeowners do? Make a plan, Reverse 911, Firewise grants, wood chipping, etc.
7:45pm – open up to community Q&A
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