A Letter from the Treasurer

The Board thanks all of you who continue to invest in our community. This is a great neighborhood and we appreciate your support. If you have not paid your dues this year there is still time. Only $50.00 for the year. You can send your dues to: SPHOA, PO Box 980754, PC, UT 84098 or pay online using PayPal.

This past year has been busy with many homes selling and new homes being built. Summit Park is an ideal place to live because we have it all – beautiful views, forestry, wildlife and many trails to enjoy. With this in mind, we are making every effort to encourage our homeowners to get more involved in the community. We have various community projects we hope to promote this next year including fire mitigation/tree removal of dead and infested trees, chipping services, dumpster days and community events. This year, the kids in the neighborhood helped make traffic signs to remind us to slow down. It is with your dues that we can financially provide community activities such as these.

Thank you all,

Jackalyn Silva, Treasurer

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