Get Money to Convert Your Wood Burning Stove/Fireplace

Do you have a wood burning stove or fireplace? You may be eligible to replace it at full or partial cost through the Wood Burning Conversion Program being done by Burn Smart Summit County. Burn Smart Summit County is working to reduce exposure to wood smoke pollution by helping low and moderate income residents obtain cleaner and healthier sources of heat other than wood burning devices.

This is a partnership between Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment, Summit County, Habitat for Humanity and Purple Air to create the Burn Smart Summit County Wood Burning Conversion Program.


• Wood smoke is a dangerous pollutant to human health and the environment, containing over 200 dangerous chemicals – one wood burning stove can produce the same amount of pollution as 3,000 homes powered by natural gas

• This program can cover between $250 and $4,000 of the actual costs depending on factors such as income level and individual project complexity to help you transition to a cleaner fuel source

• Residents of Summit County interested in replacing their wood burning stoves or fireplaces are encouraged to fill out an application for the Wood Burning Conversion Program

• Burn Smart Summit County is funded by a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency to improve air quality in Summit County

To apply or to learn more about the program please visit http:// or call 435-658-1400 extension 1006