2020 Dumpster Days

Dumpster Days was a huge success! We filled 17 dumpsters and had to close a little early on Sunday afternoon because all the dumpsters were full. (We get charged extra by Republic Services if dumpsters are over-filled.)  Thanks to the volunteers who helped us check residents in as they drove into the dumpster site, and those who climbed into the dumpsters and leveled them to make more room. Also, thanks to those who helped fellow residents lift heavy things up and into the dumpsters. We filled two dumpsters with recycled metals, two dumpsters with green waste, and one with mixed recyclables. That recycling helps our environment. The gently used area was, as always, a favorite for everyone. Some folks just came to peruse the goodies! The weather was perfect, and those who stopped by the Firewise table got helpful information. The bags of mustard garlic weed were impressive! Thanks to everyone who helped and dumped for making this event successful.