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Notice of 2018 SPHOA Annual Membership Meeting & General Election, and Call for Nominations

Do you care about the safety of our neighborhood and want to help build a more cohesive community within Summit Park? Get involved by […]

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Agenda for September HOA Meeting, 9/11/2018

Agenda: Sept. HOA Meeting, 9/11/2018 7:00 – Special presentations Glenn Wright and Maragret Olson from the county will be talking about the Summit Park […]

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Free Wood Chipping for Residents | Sept. 2018

This goes out to all Summit Park residents and lot owners. In late July, a decision was made by the Park City Fire District […]

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Family Emergency Planning

I’m sure Wildland fires are on all of our minds these days so I wanted to point out a critical planning measure each and […]

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Summit Park
Summit Park4 days ago
Do you care about the safety of our neighborhood? Do you utilize Dumpster Days and like the kid painted traffic signs? If so, please consider joining the HOA. Our priorities are safety and building a sense of community in the neighborhood - that is it. We are a small group of volunteers/neighbors, and we need your help. Please get involved.
Summit Park
Summit Park6 days ago
Fire season is not over yet! Here's a message from Summit County, which was shared on Next Door: "A new fire started in Summit County Saturday afternoon near the Cobblerest Campground on the Mirror Lake Highway. This fire, which is human caused, has grown to 100 acres. Campers were asked to evacuate from the campground on Saturday. A Type 3 team has been ordered and will arrive today. Aircraft crews will be in the area making drops on both this fire and the Slate Fire.

The Slate Fire continues to burn at the bottom of Mirror Lake Highway, near mile marker 6. This fire has been burning for 3 1/2 weeks. This fire, which was caused by a lightning streak, is being monitored by the U.S. Forest Service. Wind activity on Saturday pushed the fire to 150-200 acres. It is not threatening the public or any infrastructure. However, visitors to the Uintas are encouraged to avoid this area.

The Murdock Fire, which is actually burning on the Duchesne/Wasatch County line, is still being monitored. It is burning slowly, creeping. Crews are still watching a couple of interior hot spots.

Smoke from each of these fires continues to be visible throughout the Kamas Valley. PLEASE DO NOT REPORT unless you see a large, defined column of smoke. Visitors to the Mirror Lake Highway are asked to slow down and use caution from mile marker 5 to mile marker 25 due to fire operations. Please do not stop along the road and create traffic issues."
Summit Park
Summit Park shared Summit County, Utah's post.6 days ago
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency is conducting its first nationwide Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) test on Sept. 20 at 12:18 p.m. our time (2:18 p.m. EDT). This means your cell phone and all cell phones around you should make unusual tones and display an alert message on your home screen. THIS IS JUST A TEST. No action during the test is required on your part. Learn more:

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