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Architectural Review Committee

When you are thinking about building in Summit Park, whether it’s a home or a greenhouse or a fence, please contact the Architectural Review […]

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December 2018 HOA Meeting Agenda

The December HOA meeting will be taking place tonight, December 11. Please join us at 7pm at the Moose Cafe. The first 45 minutes […]

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2018 Annual General Membership Meeting

This year’s Annual General Membership Meeting will take place Tuesday, January 8 at Moose Cafe. The meeting will start at 7pm. Food and drinks […]

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Join the Fire and Safety Advisory Committee

The Summit Park HOA’s fire and safety advisory committee is seeking volunteers to assist with the oversight and future planning of our neighborhood programs. […]

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Summit Park
Summit Park6 days ago
Summit County let us know that there were a few roads that we were unable to service yesterday in the Summit Park area due to the ice buildup. We have them scheduled for service today (2/12):

Aspen Ln, Aspen Pl, Zermat Strasse, Parkview Terrace, Crestview Ln, Parkview Cir, Woodland Pl, Lower Evergreen, Matterhorn Dr, St Moritz Terrace, St Moritz Circle, Innsbruck Strasse

Evergreen Cir, Matterhorn Terrace, Parkview Circle
Summit Park
Summit Park shared Summit County, Utah's post.2 weeks ago
FRIENDLY REMINDER: In order to keep Summit County roads and right-of-ways safe, Summit County Code 7-3-4 & 7-3-5 maintains that property owners must contain ALL of the snow from their property, including their driveway, onto their own property. They may not push, shovel, or blow their snow out onto the County road or into the County right-of-way. Doing so creates hazards to plow operators and other drivers. Snow pushed from driveways into the County road ends up in neighbor’s driveways as the plows pass.

If you see someone violating this code please notify them of the violation. It is difficult for us to track down those who do not comply. But in case you are wondering, this is the process we follow:

• If we catch someone in the act, we try to verbally explain to them that they are not allowed to do it. Not just anyone can issue a citation. A code enforcement officer or a deputy can issue citations.
• If we see that snow is being pushed into our R/W (the piles have to be causing us problems because we cannot get to every violator), we send the property owner a written warning.
• If the property owner does not comply, we have the ability to collect evidence (photos, dates, etc.) and issue a Notice of Violation. The NOV specifies conditions that must be met, or the Administrative Law Judge can issues fines for every day the violation continued.
• Or, we can issue a citation with an associated fine.

We mostly deal in warnings because we don’t have the personnel to chase NOV’s or citations.

To review other Summit County winter safety tips, click here:
Summit Park
Summit Park2 weeks ago
A message from Summit County: “Snow plows are running behind in Summit Park this morning. We are down one loader and the plow with the de-icing cannot get through until the loader gets the initial push completed. All main roads remain the priority with cul-de-sacs getting done last. We apologize for the inconveniences this may cause.”

Stay safe out there, neighbors!

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