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2018 Annual General Membership Meeting

This year’s Annual General Membership Meeting will take place Tuesday, January 8 at Moose Cafe. The meeting will start at 7pm. Food and drinks […]

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Join the Fire and Safety Advisory Committee

The Summit Park HOA’s fire and safety advisory committee is seeking volunteers to assist with the oversight and future planning of our neighborhood programs. […]

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Notice of 2018 SPHOA Annual Membership Meeting & General Election, and Call for Nominations

Do you care about the safety of our neighborhood and want to help build a more cohesive community within Summit Park? Get involved by […]

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Agenda for September HOA Meeting, 9/11/2018

Agenda: Sept. HOA Meeting, 9/11/2018 7:00 – Special presentations Glenn Wright and Maragret Olson from the county will be talking about the Summit Park […]

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Summit Park
Summit Park1 week ago
Reposting from Summit County's NextDoor account: "With more snow in the forecast, please remember that all property owners must contain ALL of the snow from their property, including their driveway, onto their own property (Summit County Code 7-3-4 & 7-3-5). They may not push, shovel, or blow their snow out onto the County road or into the County right-of-way. Doing so creates hazards to plow operators and other drivers. Snow pushed from driveways into the County road ends up in neighbor’s driveways as the plows pass.

To review other Summit County winter safety tips, click here:

Thank you for keeping the roadways safe for our plow drivers, as well as your neighbors"
Summit Park
Summit Park3 weeks ago
Please note that the Annual General Membership Meeting is now going to take place Tuesday, January 8. We hope to see you at the Moose Cafe @7pm. Join us for some food, drinks and find out how to get involved in the community. More information to come.
Summit Park
Summit Park1 month ago
This year’s annual community meeting will take place Tuesday, December 4 at Moose Cafe. The meeting will start at 7pm. Food and drinks will be provided. Please join us and find out how you can get involved in the community.

The November HOA meeting will take place Tuesday, November 13. Agendas for both meetings will be coming soon.

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