Toll Canyon … Message from CAGE

Hello Everyone,

Good News from the County Seat of Coalville! The County Council voted unanimously to move ahead with the purchase of the Toll Canyon property.
Meeting Attendance:Thanks to all of you that made the trek to the County Courthouse this afternoon. Even though the meeting was at 4:00 pm, Craig counted 30 people in attendance for the Toll Canyon discussion. You guys are AWESOME! A turnout like that midday in Coalville during the holiday season goes a long way to show the Council how much the community cares about Toll Canyon. Thanks to the County Council for their approval to move the project forward.
Meeting Summary and Fundraising Update: During the meeting, Councilman Robinson explained that during the Due Diligence of the transaction, a few minor points were identified that need to be clarified and resolved prior to the final execution of the transaction. This is not surprising given the complexity of the transaction. Wendy Fisher, Executive Director of Utah Open Lands, has secured an extension with the Sorenson Real Estate Trust giving the parties until Feb. 1 to complete the formalities. This extension will enable all parties to celebrate the holiday season and come to a resolution in the New Year. Wendy also announced that we are within $5000 of our fundraising goal. Our community has raised almost a quarter of a million dollars in 3 weeks time to protect open space — this community loves the place we live! While we fully expect the $5000 shortfall to be attained within the next several days, CAGE still encourages interested parties to donate. Utah Open Lands has indicated that they will cover the $5000 shortfall, but we believe we should just wrap this up. Don’t worry if we raise more than the $250K, because 1) many of the donations have been pledges which are not collected at 100% and 2) monies will also be needed to support management plans for the property ALL CONTRIBUTIONS WILL BE USED DIRECTLY FOR TOLL CANYON. Thanks for all the help in reaching this ambitious goal in such a short period of time — you guys are INCREDIBLE!!
Please Attend Today’s meeting: Now we need to help assure the Park City Municipal Government also signs off on this transaction. The meeting will take place at the Park City Municipal Council Chambers located at the Marsac Building off of Swede Alley. The Toll Canyon transaction will be discussed at 6:00 pm. It is important that as many of us as possible show up to both voice our support of the approval of this transaction as well as show our appreciation for the City’s contribution to make this deal possible. It is important to understand that this transaction not only involves the purchase of Toll Canyon, but also consolidates Park City Municipality’s Round Valley holdings and also brings a closure to previous commitments and wishes for the City’s interest in the PRI open space. This is truly a win-win-win transaction for the citizens of Summit County, Park City, and the Snyderville Basin. This is truly an exciting example of how cooperation and vision can come together to improve our quality of life. It is our hope that this cooperation and innovative thinking will continue in the face of future challenges that cross jurisdictional boundaries.
We hope to see many of you at the Park City Council Meeting tonight, Thurs. Dec. 20 at 6:00 pm, Marsac Building (445 Marsac Ave). There is free garage parking at the China Bridge Garage off of Swede Alley.

Sancy & Craig
Craig Eroh & Sancy Leachman
Citizens for the Alignment of Growth and the Environment
435-729-9096 (Craig’s cell)
801-301-1423 (Sancy’s cell)