Summit Park Snow Plowing Held Hostage

County Manager Struggles to Find Funds to Plow Snow in Summit Park

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Letter sent from Kevin Callahan, Public Works Director


Dear Homeowner Representatives

Please review the attached notice to you describing the difficult situation the County Road Department is in relative to providing on-going services to our residential subdivisions. It is our committed mission to continue to provide high quality road maintenance now and in the future but we are facing some serious funding challenges. Since you represent many of the subdivisions who may be affected by the budget decisions made by the County Council on this matter, I felt it was appropriate that you be informed of the issues and their deliberations. If you have questions regarding these issues, please feel free to call me at 435. 615.3978 or on my cell at 435.640.0510. I look forward to your participation in helping us to make these difficult decisions.

Kevin Callahan
Public Works Director

Possible Changes to Road Maintenance Services for Subdivisions within Service Area # 6
In December 2011, the Summit County Council adopted their annual 2012 budget. That budget included a tax increase for property owners within Service Area # 6. This is a special service district created in 1977 to provide urban road maintenance services to residential subdivisions.  The Council increased the tax for the first time in 35 years because the cost of maintaining the 81 miles of subdivision roads had grown more quickly than tax revenues.  In the last few years, annual……(read more)