After reading the post from the person who moved to Summit Park for the mountain experience with no CC&R restriction
I can only say you didn’t do your homework. Summit Park is a platted Subdivision of Summit County and has been since
1960 and the Plat you live in M and the Lot you live on 30 are all part of the Summit Park Subdivision since 1966. Your
Property Tax ID SU-M-30 identifies your lot.
Before a Subdivision can be granted by the Summit County Planning Commission it must have Covenants, Rules and Regulations, If you did not live in a Subdivision, you may not have sewer or water (septic tank & well). You might not live in a Special Service District and would not have road maintenance or snow plowing. Living in a Subdivision can lower your mortgage interest rate and insurance rate when purchasing because there are controls or CC&Rs.
The CC&Rs in Summit Park Plat M are mandatory as written. By the way, when we built in Summit Park in 1980, we had
to submit plans to the Developer”s Architectural Committee for Plat M-2, have them approved and then the bank would
give us our Construction Loan.
The Covenants, Rules, & Regulation for the Summit Park Subdivision, all Plats, are mandatory. The HOA has been voluntary. There has always been a Home Owners Association, active and working to make the community better.

Posted by: Kay Kunkel