SP Newsletter NO thanks

I bought in Summit Park in 1999 because I wanted to live in the mountains, have a raw mountain experience living amongst the wildlife on winding, single lane roads AND because there were NO CC&Rs like everywhere else in Park City. I bought a home to live in, to make my own and not to worry about my yard, painting my home or if a neighbor has a dumpster in their yard for months or years. I purchased my home here because of the diversity of homes and where everyone could live how he or she chooses.

Over the past 3-4 years I have noticed that people feel the need to change Summit Park. To make it more like everything else in Park City. I am disturbed by this and am absolutely apposed to any CC&Rs. I see you are stating a “safety reason” for the need of CC&Rs and I strongly object to this means. If we need firebreaks then there are other ways to get people to pitch in for their community, then mandating CC&Rs.

It is a slippery slope to start mandating how people live and what is “best” for the community.

For the record I am against all this trail and road “improvements”. I see it has created people coming from all over SLC and PC to use the trails here for their dogs to run amuck, scarring off the wildlife and leaving feces all over the trails and my yard. The vehicle traffic has increased substantially and people are driving faster through our neighborhoods. More people can now get up here leading them to believe they can build a home here to find out they are ready to sell after their 2nd winter, leaving us Summit Parkites to deal with the substantially increased building noise, trucks and road closures. Not to mention the large homes that encroach on our neighbors to find out the owners are not made to live in these mountains.

I live in Summit Park because this is my home, not an investment to make a quick buck and get out. I feel people have lost sight of what makes this community different and unique. This is a community where one can live how they choose, where 4-wheel drive is necessary and bumps in the road are part of the charm. If people want to mandate how people live with rules and regulations there are plenty of places in Park City for them to move too.

I say enough already, let us be, let the wildlife be and stop thinking you are making “improvements”. In my experience these “improvements” are ruining what makes Summit Park, Summit Park.

Kathy Jarvis