Petition for Traffic Calming Study

I live on Parkview Drive and am tired of construction traffic and those of us who speed along Parkview Drive. I will be sending all residence/home owners on Parkview Drive a letter with a petition attached for your signature. The request will be for you to sign the petition if you are in favor of Summit County performing another traffic study on Parkview Drive. Although the posted speed is 25mph we all know that we do not drive 25 on Parkview Drive. Those of us who live on Parkview Drive can tell you that the Construction traffic is about 30% of our frustration lately, the other 70% are residents of Summit Park. We are our own worst enemies. We cause most of our own problems, and we can fix them. If each of us stopped and looked at how fast we are driving as we plow down the road (me included) we would realize that 25 is actually NOT what we are driving. It is significantly slower than we are driving. Let’s not have one of our dogs, or our children die because we are in such a big hurry to get somewhere. Please slow down, and those who live on Parkview Drive, please watch for the petition, and help me by returning it to me signed.