MUST READ 9/05/13 Mintues -Then show up at our meeting

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*To change the CC&R they need 51% of EACH PLAT Deeded land owners to sign a document approving the changes.*

IF there are 3 people on a land deed ALL three must agree to sign to change CC&R. These unwanted changes CAN BE STOPPED Pretty easily!! We must show up and voice our concerns as a Plat and a whole community. Below are the minutes you can find then original on this website( if you don’t trust my copy) You will see my comments Marked by **MY QUESTION** or **My COMMENT** Nothing else has been changed.

My main concern is an uncapped HOA Fee. And I feel as stated below in the minutes the HOA was trying to get an uncapped fee passed quietly with the intent to increase as the HOA feels is needed. Seeing that our current HOA is spending 3,000 for a ‘FAKE WATERFALL’ and landscaping rocks. I am very concerned about a possible uncapped HOA Fee. These minutes show possible plans for spending money which they don’t even have yet. If they get uncapped fees we will end up pay for wants of the HOA like fake waterfalls. The estimated 40k sounds great in theory!!! but it will be eaten up by liability insurance on a public playground. Or by the community garden costs. These things aren’t free -taxes, utility cost and again INSURANCE for the property. I thinks as a community we need to be smart and realistic with a budget. I pay 2 HOA fee even though I don’t have to. I am happy to pay and I would agree to a $50 CAPPED HOA FEE. -done.

Please read EVERYTHING think about it ALL and come to our meeting.

9/05/2013 Minutes SP HOA
KKunkel – CQuinones – MQuinones – RPhillips – CStewart
Not in attendance – Neil Fisher, Nancy Bond -Meeting start: 7:20 pm 2013-09-05 – Approve Minutes from July meeting.—-No agenda for meeting, plan to go around and see what has been accomplished.

Park Lark: Article regarding CCRs read aloud. Possibly add a few local advertisements – need to add a second page so that we can fit more articles.

Rob offer Chuck some advertising space

Need to send to all people in neighborhood plus the lot owners home address, so we may need to build a mailing list to get to all the owners, and make them aware of the mandatory HOA fee/fire prevention fee.

Chris -Offer No Worries a free spot to advertise in the Park Lark.

Mike- to develop list of items that we will spend the HOA fee on so that we can tell people why they would pay the fee. We also need to explain what any excess money will be used for. (830 lots * $50 each = ~$40k per year)

**MY QUESTION** “Are all these “830 lots” occupied with homes? Will the Summit County even pay you a HOA fee on their property? Are they exempt? Is this number a realistic number to expect for yearly income? What about empty lots will they pay fee?”**

•Lease agreement
•Community betterment
•Spray weeds
•Fire prevention
•Dumpster days
•Race to the summit – porta potty rental

Mike -How often would we need to maintain firebreak – cost might be $10 – 15k every 5 years (rough)

If we determined that the HOA fee was not enough money, could the board vote to change the fee.

Possibly exclude what the fee is, but simply say that there is a mandatory fee, and to contact the board to find out what the fee is.

** MY COMMENT** “WHAT?! Possibly exclude what the fee is, Sounds malicious and deceitful. IF the Firebreak is ONLY 3-4K a year?? Any why can we afford that already? (170 lotsX50-8500 minimum from A&B plats +voluntarily paid fees)**

Set the annual meeting, possibly November 13th(which is a Wednesday). Chris contact Dante (or Dana) to set the date of the meeting and confirm the use of No Worries. Rob to send Chris a bio for announcement of VP on the website.
Kay- CCRs to be sent to HOA committee by October 15th Members to return by October 20th . May need more time to review and approve new CCRs. Topic for annual meeting should be to receive feedback on revised CCRs. May need to have a special night to just have people sign and return paperwork.
Need 51% of each plat to change the CCRs. Recommend a large map that shows where all the plats are to display at the annual meeting.

Mike – talked to Ben the landscaper to landscape the entry way, rockscape around the
sign, fake waterfall nearby, keep natural grass spot, and consolidate the rocks. Maybe
some hazardous materials that flow off the parking lot. Price will be $2,000, plus $400 for more rock, already used $200 to clean up. Motion to increase the budget by the $400, 2nd, approved unanimously. Should be completed by end of September.
**MY COMMENT** Fake waterfall? Why so much? I thought we already spend money to redo the sign and landscape. $400 more of rock will it really make a difference?”**

Firewise committee has not met, tried to meet but have not. Trying to revamp the CWPP. Mike will get it completed and sent to the county, state, etc. That will be sent in and we will be approved. National program called Ready Set Go, this program is a fire plan that you establish within our home. See brochure. Mike will get more brochures to distribute.

**MY QUESTION** How do you join firewise? Do you have to have experience? Do members go out and timber trees? Does that HOA have chainsaws or shredders they use?**

Architectural committee report:
Had a recent inquiry on a lot on the intersection of Matterhorn and Parkview – in due diligence phase. Very steep lot. Should the CCRs address the length of time that it takes to complete the house. County may limit, Kay will check.
This house would have a very difficult driveway, and Charlie addressed this with the owner, and has not heard back from them. Another issue is the place with the foundation, they cleared trees and have done some excavating. No submission of plans have been given. Charlie went to discuss with them, talked to the builder and the owner. Builder, is Jim Pankow, who is negative about the CCRs, and refuses to acknowledge that Arch committee – he advised the owner to ignore the arch committee, and that there were no CCRs.

Lot donation, next to the white brick house. Owner, neighbor wants to buy the lot and donate it to avoid the taxes, and water, etc. It is a good looking lot, but has a carport, that would need to be removed, but may not be a good spot for a play structure. We would clear the lot, we would make it firewise, and we may make it a community garden. HOA would need to have a formal connection to water.

Rob contact county to see what costs would be to make it into a community garden.
Chris will send the contact information. May still want to contact Jim Pankow about the other lot down on Aspen to use a community garden.

Mike will contact and leave HOA out of it.

Rob remind Tyson to contact Rene regarding the landscaping, can we do it this fall. Not sure when the road work will be done. May need to have some other road repairs, and fix the area at Lower Evergreen for the bus stop.Possibly contact Snyderville basin trails to see if we could combine some fire work and trail maintenance.

Mike- will contact Snyderville Basin, may also want to contact Don Jacobs. Chipping – 9 people may be interested in hiring someone to come in and chip the piles that exist. Talked to Low Stump, charging $1000/day with a 4 person crew. But Mike can get it for a lower price.

Meeting adjourn at 9 pm.