Fire Works Ban

Commenting on the recent post concerning the question of banning fire works in Summit Park, I would like to clarify a few things. Summit County has chose not to impose a ban at this time based on recommendations from the state. Fuel moisture and expected fire behavior are considered when wildland fire emergency actions are implemented. Even though it’s hot and appears dry, the live fuel moisture is still high and does not meet criteria. Since Summit Park falls under the counties jourisdiction, we are unable to post any ban. Once the county passes an ordinance, the Sheriff can exicute a citation/warning. The Summit Park HOA, however, has placed “fire works prohibited” signs at both entrances. This is a voluntary request and hopfully will be a reminder to individuals. Summit County Sheriff can not and will not inforce HOA rules. Our best approach is to be good neighbors and respectfully bring to the attention of people lighting fire works of the consequences. Thank you for your concern.

Mike Quinones
Wildland Fire & Safety Informaion Coordinator
Summit Park HOA