Fire Prevention suggestion

Posted By:  Tom MacCallum

After the HOA meeting earlier this month, I hope the board understands that the “Naysayers”, as those us opposed to parts of the proposed CC&Rs are being labled are more than willing to give money and support for fire break maintenance and a Firewise program in Summit Park.

The vast majority of the speakers at the meeting who spoke in opposition to the CC&Rs said that they supported wildfire prevention would contribute funds. Pam and I have said in the past and I say it again that we’re willing to contribute $50 from us and also contribute $50 for the two vacant lots next to us if the out of town owners fail to contribute. So, I hope we can dispense with the accusation that the “naysayers” don’t want spend $50. We just don’t want to contribute $50 to the HOA for CC&Rs that could effect us in a negative way.

At the meet, it was suggested by one homeowner to decouple the CC&Rs from the Firewise program. We’re told that that’s not possible. Based on conversations I’ve had with neighbors, I think the attempt to change the CC&Rs could be a drawn out process. If we want to get rolling on firebreak maintenance and planning for the expansion north towards I-80, let’s do just that. Set up a separate account with separate accounting and start raising some funds. If the HOA sent out a letter and recruited a couple of folks in each plat to talk to their neighbors, I’m sure a decent amount of money could be raised. I’m willing to go door to door in our plat to help bring attention to the fund raising effort.

I would like to see some sort of proposed budget, both near term and future. That might be something to include in a fund raising letter.

And then, there’s always the possibility of a bake sale. 😉

I’d be interested in hearing everyone’s thoughts on this.