Dogs Running Unleashed

Posted By: Nancy

I am new to the neighborhood and I am shocked by the number of dogs that run free (unleashed) I inquired and there is a law against Dogs Running at Large.

“5-1-9: DOGS RUNNING AT LARGE: It shall be unlawful for the owner or person having charge, care, custody, or control of any dog to allow such dog at any time to run at large. The owner or person charged with responsibility for a dog found running at large shall be strictly liable for a violation of this section regardless of the precautions taken to prevent the escape of the dog and regardless of whether or not he knows that the dog is running at large. (Ord. 113-K, 6-15-2011)”
Summit County Animal Control office in Wanship, at (435-336-3985) to report it when you observe the neighbor’s dogs running loose and off of the owner’s property.

I do not want to call – I want the pet owner’s to be responsible. It is unfair and unsafe for them to run free. I routinely see them have 2 or 3 near misses with cars and thankfully the drivers slow down when they see them (I can’t say the snow plows will be as accommodating or able to stop quickly if they are in their path). PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING AND WALK YOUR DOG! Many I see are at night and they have no flashing lights on their collars or reflective collars or vests!