The SPHA Board has taken the community comments and has put together a new set of CC&Rs.   This is not a final draft.  It is a starting point. Please read them, and bring your constructive comments to the meeting on April 3rd at the Sheldon Richins Bld Auditorium 6-8PM. Click HERE to open.

We will NOT be posting comments on the website pertaining to this document. PLEASE HOLD YOUR COMMENTS AND BRING THEM TO THE MEETING.

Also, we have not consulted with an attorney prior to releasing this new document. Rather than waste our dollars on attorneys fees, we will wait until be have a document with majority support.  At that point, we will consult an attorney.

Please remember, right now (with exception to Plats A&B) Summit Park residents are living under outdated CC&Rs created by a developer.  Our new document should reflect the needs and values of our current neighborhood.

Please plan on attending April 3rd.  We value and need your input.


Link to Utah Wildland-Urban Interface Code

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