Car Stolen From Garage in Summit Park

My car was stolen sometime between 10pm and 7am , sept 26-27!!  It was stolen from my garage (not closed) on 575 upper evergreen drive in summit park.

PLEASE help keep an eye out for it!!!! The police says it is usually dumped within 48 hours and possibly in the area. There has been about 3-4 car thefts in summit county in the last two weeks. It is also possible it is dumped in salt lake city.
It is a 1999 grey DODGE DURANGO with the license plate MSLOTTA. It has a “blue sky” renewable energy sticker in the rear drivers side window.
If you want, send this to your friends in the area. Lets see if we can get my car back.
Thank you,
Lotta 801-205-2130 (cell phone)