2015 Fire Season

As some of you may have heard, Summit Park is now one of only two nationally recognized FIREWISE / USA communities in Summit County. With this momentum, we are soliciting 2015 project suggestions from homeowners who recognize and appreciate the potential of this coming summer’s fire season. We are looking for ideas which emphasize education, understanding and fuel mitigation. One project which is currently being discussed is identifying and mapping the concentration of beetle killed dead or dying trees, obtaining property owners permission and then removing the diseased trees. This is a labor intensive and expensive endeavor. Funding assistance options are being explored. If you or anyone you know would like to assist with this project or have trees in their yard which are in question, please give me a call. We encourage all homeowners to take into consideration efforts to becoming responsible mountain stewards and explore ways they can reduce their personal fire risk. I have also included a link which helps demonstrate the argument why we all should do are part: NFPA Journal -Wildfire Watch

Thank you,

Mike Quinones
Fire and Safety Information Coordinator
Summit Park HOA