2014 Firewise Days (Recap & Photos)

The Summit Park HOA would like to thank everyone who attended this years FIREWISE event. Your attendance and support encourages our efforts to keep our community informed and educated on wildland fire issues. Although it was a bit cool, there was a good number of neighbors who took advantage of the provided information. Agencies who were there supporting us were the US Forest Service, represented by our favorite bear, Smokey and Park City Fire Service District. Low Stump Tree Service answered questions regarding tree removal and of course Bill served up a great lunch prepared on a BBQ donated by the Park City Firefighters Association. We received generous donations from FIREWISE supporters and signed up homeowners to receive a wildland fire lot assessment. We are anticipating next years’ event to be bigger as more people in Summit Park become informed of our wildland fire risk. If anyone has any suggestions or comments, please let us know.

How’s your defensible space?

Thank You,
Mike Quinones
Fire & Safety Information Coordinator
Summit Park HOA

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