A Big THANK YOU  to all the attended the the 2013 Annual SPHA Meeting.

We had a great turn out!  Dante from No Worries said he has never had so many people in the cafe at one time. Thank you to Dante for  opening the doors to NO WORRIES!

Attached are a few notes from the meeting, along with some promised links.

Jenny Terry  from Park City Pedestrian Passage  presented the efforts being taken to make the Quarry Village to Jeremy Ranch  connection pedestrian friendly. Visit Park City Pedestrian Passage on Facebook and Like them  for updated information.

Lisa Yoder Summit County Sustainability Coordinator , would like to get people involved in doing  group fire prevention work. Contact Lisa Yoder if you are interested in volunteering to help with the healthy forest initiative.

Mike Quinones –  Wildland Fire Coordinator, Discussed the Firewise program and our fire prevention efforts in Summit Park.

  • Our goal is to be a recognized Firewise Community by the end of next summer. This status will help us to receive  funding to aid in our healthy forest initiative.
  • We need to recognize beetle kill trees and work to remove those trees (tree bounty program).  We do not want to allow beetles to grow and kill trees, that would add to the fuel fire.
  • Kay Kunkel’s lot, 805 Parkview Dr.,  has had work done to it to make it “Firewise” – the dead or dying trees were removed, and underbrush contained.  This is a great example of a Firewise lot.
  • Look at the  Fire and Safety  page on the website for more information.
  • We would like to continue, and increase our fire prevention efforts, which would include funding to help those who cannot maintain their own lots, maintain the existing firebreak that protects all of us, finish the firebreak work down to the freeway on the southwest side of Summit Park, and bring our community together on fire prevention work.

Kay Kunkel, Past President,  Introduced newly proposed CC&R’s, (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions)

Advantages to a Community Homeowners Association
Frequently Asked Questions
Unified Summit Park CC&R (DRAFT)- PULLED

The unified CC&R’s will do a lot for our community:

  • Unify all plats
  • Give Summit Park credibility in Summit County
  • Include funding for fire prevention work
  • Work to make new construction safer for long-term living in our snowy winters
  • Improve home values through smart construction work
Each of the plats would need a 51% vote to pass the new CC&R’s for that Plat. Please let us know if you would like to be your Plat’s CC&R advocate to help us get the votes we need.     E-mail here to be PLAT LEADER

Rachel Broadbent – Community Garden on Facebook: Summit Park Community Garden

  • Would like to come together as a community to build a community garden. Currently looking for a location and a name.
  • Water is somewhat an issue. We are looking at various ideas of how to overcome this.  Follow along on Facebook, and help out if you can!
  • E-mail Rachel if you are interested

Charlie Stuart – Architectural Committee Chair

  • We are a committee geared towards helping new residents looking to build (or renovate) understand the challenges related to winter living in the mountains. We really are not here to restrict or prevent building.
  • We need anyone building anything to submit plans to the architectural committee. (via the web)
  • Please help us take note of any lots being built and contact the committee if it seems they do not have a permit. There are still a lot of lots that are yet to be built.

JoAnn Funseth – Discovery Project

  • Planned 105 units behind Weileman school. Approved by the county originally.
  • County agenda tonight includes a number of exemptions including road grades and set-back. Only notices were sent to residents within 1000 feet, and one Park Record announcement.
  • Please look to get involved in preventing this sprawling, and poorly thought out growth.