Long term rental wanted

I’m looking for a long term rental in Summit Park starting anytime after June 2018. It will be for myself and my 7 yr old son and our 2 dogs. I would like a home with a basement I can sublease to help with the rental costs. I’ve been renting the home I’m in for 8 years. I take great care of it. I make the calls and meet with anyone who needs to do work on the house, I clean the windows, pull the invasive weeds, pressure wash the house once a year, oil the wood inside,…all the things a home owner would do. I’ve replaced all the carpet with hardwood floors (owner paid for the wood and very reduced labor). I’m telling you this so you will know that I’m a very good tenant. The owner will tell you the same. I’m hoping for at least a 3 year rental with possible extensions. A yard that has a fence or one that can be installed (at my cost) is preferable. I look forward to hearing from you. andrea & andre

  • Posted By: Andrea Arel
  • Email: aArel411@gmail.com
  • Phone: 4356020500