County Employee Confrontation

I was recently confronted by a Summit County Engineering Technician. He was not in an official vehicle nor had any credentials, and it was after normal business hours. He approached me about where my truck was parked, questioned me and informed me that I had violated multiple county ordinances involving county right of way and threatened to write me a citation. After listening to a lengthy lecture from him and multiple threats of ticketing me I told him to write me a ticket if that was his job and responsibility, but to stop lecturing and threatening me. About a week later I found a notice of citation from a different official from Summit County Engineering.

While talking to my neighbor about this, he said he too had been threatened by this same individual while shoveling his driveway about his snow removal technique, and where snow can, and cannot, be shoveled. Again there were multiple threats and lectures but in the end he said he would be a “nice guy and let him off this time”.
I’m posting this to see if any other residents in the area have had any similar encounters with this individual.
Attached is a photo of the Truck he was driving, Apparently he has reasons not to have a front license plate.
Be warned: the removal of vegetation resulted in a court date and a $200.00 per day fine until I return it to it’s original state, even though I own this property.

  • Posted By: Chuck Williams
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